Cinema for NetflixThe Ultimate Netflix Desktop Client

Unified and Integrated Netflix Desktop Application.

Introducing Cinema for Netflix: The ultimate third-party Netflix desktop client. Cinema for Netflix allows you to view Videos without the need for a web browser in a HTML 5 compliant video player -- no Flash or Silverlight required. Simply open the app, login, and you're good to go. As well as viewing Netflix videos without a web browser, Cinema for Netflix provides a unified and integrated experience: Controls seamlessly fade in and out, Control Video right from the Menubar, and even closing the Window will send Video right to the Menubar so you can enjoy Netflix Videos straight from your Menubar!

Cinema for Netflix lets you Float the Video above all other Windows (so you'll never miss a moment), and you can set the Transparency to give an experience far superior to a Web browser. Cinema for Netflix can also remember the last point you stopped watching, so as you soon as you open the application the video will continue right where you left off. With all these features, and offering a sleek interface and modern foundation, Cinema for Netflix fits like a glove for macOS and offers not just the best video viewing experience for macOS, but on any platform, period.

*Netflix Subscription is required
*Cinema for Netflix is a third party application and is not in any way endorsed, affiliated, or promoted by Netflix Inc.


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Super Cool Features

  • Enjoy Netflix without the need for a web browser
  • Native HTML 5 Player consumes less energy than using Flash or Silverlight
  • Move Mouse over window to fade titlebar/controls in, move Mouse outside window to make them fade out
  • Float Above all Windows Option so your favorite TV show or movie will always stay above other windows
  • Transparency Option so you can always see what's underneath
  • Manage tvOS History, Playback Settings, Account Settings, and more
  • Close Window to Send Video right to Menubar (Click on Menubar Item to open/close the Video Popover, Click the Video Player to restore the Video to original size)
  • Continue Playback when App is Opened Option lets the Video continue playback right where you left off
  • Full Screen/Split-Screen supported
  • Convenient Back/Forward/Refresh buttons