Music Player X

Music Player X is the premium alternative music player for Mac macOS. Music Player X features automatic loading of your iTunes library and playlists, multiple spectrum visualizors, slowing down and speeding up of music, menu bar integration, Dock integration, media key integration, and even a stunning 3D visualizor.

Featuring far more customizability and integration than other music players, Music Player X provides a far more entertaining experience with your music and movies and is the music player that should have came with your Mac!

Screenshots Beautiful application and super easy to use.

Tight Integration

You can optionally show the currently playing song in the Dock, and when you close the music player window the spectrum visualizor is automatically added to the menu bar! You can also use the Back, Next and Play/Pause keys on your keyboard to control Music Player X system wide. The appearance and behavior of Music Player X is fully customizable, and if you want a mini player all you have to do is resize the window!

Chock full of features

  • Automatic loading of iTunes library and playlists
  • Slow down or speed up music
  • View a stunning 3D visualizor, optionally in full screen
  • Multiple Spectrum Visualizors
  • Close the Music Player window and the Visualizor is automatically added to the menu bar
  • Use Media Keys (Play/Pause, Next, Previous) on your keyboard to control Music Player X system wide
  • Display the currently playing song in the Dock
  • Control Music Player X right from the Dock
  • Music Player X can be set as your default music player
  • Export your audio files in AIF or WAV formats
  • Fully customizable appearance (toolbar, window and table colors)
  • Play all your favorite movies, even in fast or slow motion