Mach WriteThe iCloud RTF, TXT, and PDF Editor for iOS and macOS

Powerful Text Editor, on all your Devices.

Mach Write is a powerful new RTF, TXT, PDF (Rich Text Format, Plain Text, PDF) Editor for iOS and macOS! Featuring full iCloud document synchronization, RTF in multiple styles, sizes, and colors; as well as PDF Viewing/Creating/Annotation; and TXT files in addition to supporting nearly 15 plain text code formats; Mach Write makes it super easy to create in many different formats while still being incredibly powerful! And the best part is Mach Write is free for iOS and only $3.99 (U.S.) on macOS!

Massive Format Support

Unlike other text editing/word processing apps which only offer RTF, or only offer TXT, or only offer PDF editing (and usually no desktop/mobile version) Mach Write has all these features and much much more!

This website was designed with Mach Write with its HTML/PHP/Javscript file editing, which is a testament to how flexible Mach Write is!


Learn how to use Mach Write as well as learn how to make the most out of iCloud! Visit our Support Site.

Advanced Features

  • iCloud document synchronization; Mach Write keeps all your documents up to date on all your iOS and macOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and Mac)
  • RTF/RTFD Read/Write support; easily Create and Edit Rich Text with multiple styles, alignment, font sizes, color, shadows, line spacing, and more -- one of the most popular word processor formats widely compatible across macOS, Windows, and Linux
  • TXT Read/Write support; as well as HTML/JS/PHP/RB/PL/JAVA/C/H/M/CP/SH/MM Read/Write with Syntax Highlighting support for HTML, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, Perl, Java, C, C++, Objective-C++ and more
  • PDF Creation/Viewing/Annotation -- Create Blank PDFs super easy and draw diagrams, take notes, etc. (Large PDF documents in iCloud, such as large eBooks, are not recommended)
  • DOC and DOCX Viewing on iOS, DOC/DOCX Read/Write support on macOS
  • Export as PDF makes it easy to annotate PDF's (iOS only) for grading papers, making corrections, or signing documents
  • Revolutionary PDF Magnifer feature makes it super easy to take Notes and automatically save as PDF (iOS only)
  • Incredibly advanced, yet super easy to use!