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Local+ - Find Places Around
in a Snap

Local+ is the first (and only) application for discovering information about the Places around you! Local+ not only has extremely advanced Radar and Satellite features, but also features Maps, a stunning dynamic 3D Earth, incredibly advanced Search features, quickly find places by Type; complete with location based Autosuggest and Autocomplete. Quickly see Reviews, Opening/Closing Hours, Photos, Address, Phone Numbers, Ratings, even go to a Place's Website, get Directions, or a view a close up from Satellite! And with over 100,000 Places indexed (and growing), Local+ has more data than anything out there today!

The World, Indexed.

  • Search for a Place by Name (I.e. "Toyota") or by Type (I.e. "mechanic"), complete with location-based Autosuggest and Autocomplete
  • Even Search by Intersection, Street name, Landmark name, or Address
  • Double-click a place to get more information about it; see Reviews, Opening/Closing hours, Photos, Address, Phone Numbers, Ratings, even go to a place's Website, get Directions, or view a close up from Satellite
  • Click the Radar Icon to expand to Radar view to get a real-time 360° view of everything around you, customizable from 50 Meters to 1000 Meters
  • Maps allows you to view your current location and find places around you in a snap
  • View a gorgeous dynamic 3D Earth showing your current location and live cloud coverage
  • View Nearby restaurants, bars, clubs, lodgings, government buildings, stores, gas stations, religious institutions, and much much more from the Pop Up Menu with a single click
  • View Directions on how to get to a place, and Print Directions with a single click
  • Detailed information on over 100,000 places, with new places constantly being added; Local+ even has all the roads and ATMs around you indexed, nearly anything you can think of, it's indexed
  • Set Distance on main interface, as well as set Distance and Degrees for Radar View
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