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The Award Winning Clipboard Manager
for Mac OS X.

Clipboard Evolved

Featuring unparalleled ease of use, stunning interface design, and offering hundreds of ways to get to your data; Clipboard Evolved makes it fun and easy to manage all your important data.

Clipboard Evolved features a clipboard-like window for managing clips, a menu bar icon, and now a cover-flow interface for quickly pasting clips; Clipboard Evolved brings the copy-paste paradigm into the twenty first century.

Designed to fit neatly and unobtrusively in OS X, it's the perfect clipboard manager for Mac OS X.

Fast, Elegant, Powerful

  • One-click access in menubar to access system-wide Clipboard Window or Menu
  • Select item in system-wide menu to paste into the active application
  • Double-click item in Clipboard Window to paste into active application
  • Drag items in and out of Clipboard Window and to System-wide menu
  • Quick Paste with Cover Flow interface; double-click, drag, or use keyboard combinations
  • Hot Keys can be set up to show and hide the Clipboard window
  • Clipboard History included with advanced options
  • Treat text as either plain or rich text
  • Optionally preserve transparency in image files
  • Optionally morph the Clipboard window into Dock or Grid window modes
  • Store files and folders and open them with a simple double-click
  • Many more features!
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Stunning Graphics

Clipboard Evolved has eight "complex" animation options to choose from: Ripple, Copy Machine, Star Burst, Irregular Holes, Disintegrate, Swipe, Crystallize, and Dissolve. The transition animations use Core Image for photorealistic transitions every time.

For those that don't need so much eye candy, Clipboard Evolved also offers "Simple Animations" that don't take advantage of the graphics card, but are still stunning themselves. These simple animations include Shoot, Slide, Scale, and Fade; or no animation at all. Clipboard Evolved also has a Cover flow interface to quickly paste; just Double-click, hit Return, or drag to paste.